Horse Riding Holidays in Africa

Horse back riding holidays are on the roll and The african continent abounds in destinations to have a perfect horse back safari. Southern Africa will probably be one of the very best adventure destinations on the planet. Nowhere fast else you will find such exciting ways of exploring nature which certainly has wildlife as the essential component here. Allow that spirit of adventurism take over you to get better results as you go horse using through the deserts, crazy life for which The southern part of Africa is most famous. Yes, you can surely get firsthand activities of adventuring into Africa’s superbly diversified nature on a horse back! horseback riding ireland

Riding through the Namibian desert
In Namibia, Namibian Desert Trek presents the opportunity of commencing once in a life time voyage through the earliest desert of the world on horseback. You can purchase among a couple of amazing fascinating trails through this desert, the one that best suits your stamina and the duration of your horses riding holiday. Cross over 400 km of Namib Desert over a horse back from the central highland to the Atlantic coastline. You also have the choice of experiencing the second most significant canyon on earth in Southern Maltahohe, namibia or venture a drive from Damaraland to Bones, Northern Namibia. For long you will carry the memories of sand, sunlight and desert.

The planners of horseback safaris are knowledgeable people. You will find amazing flora, fauna and the stars above in the sky as you traverse through the desert together with experts. You get beautiful race horses to match your skills with the end of an exciting trip packed with fun and good food in the midst of nature, you would speculate having crossed the Maltahohe, namibia desert on a horse back and survived!

Imagine the sort of materials needed for 20 people and an identical number of horses for a ten day trip through desert! Food and drinks for men and horses is carried in large powerful and trustworthy truck along with the essentially needed camping equipment. And, you camp in the middle of nowhere fast, as and when you obtain a suitable location, there is no pre-fixed point for pitching camping tents. You are sure to experience the most fantastic horse riding holiday of your life.

Safari on a horse back in S. africa
If you lack that adventurous nature of crossing the wilderness on a saddle, you might want to consider horseback safaris on well trained horses in S. africa, some of which are natives of the country. Here again, you have many options. You may go to a private game reserve for a few hours or be part of a caravan away to explore the wilds of South Africa, enduring for as long as four to six times on a horseback. You have available many paths and many of experienced operators, helping you to select the choicest ones. You might ride during the day, though overnight trips are also there. You will be thrilled to watch Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, Wildebeest, Eland and many others in their natural habitat. Yes, it is possible to see the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) from horse back!

A number of the organizers offer superb horseback safaris through their own reserves with well guided bush walks and game drives even for non-riders. As exciting and various as the horseback safaris, is your staying in local tents or luxurious cottages.

If riding through the desert or horse back safari to view the big five makes you feel jittery on your first visit, you will definitely obtain it fascinating to explore miles and mls of untouched white mud beaches on a horse back.